Sunday, February 28, 2016

Noooo :(

The cold has gotten worse... AGAIN!
My nights have consisted of.... waking up b/c my throat hurts, my mouth is dry and I need to drink something.
Last night was no different, but sucked bc the whole right side of my head aches now. Pretty sure this is a migraine and uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I'm miserable right now :(
I can't move my head very fast b/c if I do, it feel like my brain is rattling in my head along with it also feeling like it's in a vice.

I drank 4.... FOUR glasses of water throughout the night and it didn't do a damn thing to help keep my mouth/throat from drying out. We NEED to use our crappy humidifiers or go out and buy better ones. I can't handle another night like that. It sucked and I need sleep.

Oh and so this morning. I went to change Oren's diaper and get him ready so DH could give him a bath.
Oren has poop, but apparently my sense of smell is out of whack b/c I can't smell it, but the thought of smelling it made me gag.. and gag a lot... and more until I started throwing up. I couldn't run to the bathroom b/c ORen was nekkid and not fully cleaned off on his changing pad so I leaned over, grabbed a dirty towel out of his hamper and tried throwing up in to it. I think I got half of it to go in to the towel and the rest went on his floor.

I still haven't cleaned it yet. About to even though I don't want to. My head is just killing me right now and all I want to do is sit here in self pity lol.

This cold can go fuck itself.

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