Thursday, February 11, 2016


Feel like William Wallace at the end of Braveheart while they disembowel him lol.

After 2.... VERY long weeks.... no more babysitting for me! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Thankfully these last 2 days weren't so bad. I made an effort to not freak the F out and give in to stress so damn much.
Gosh... I have some spoiling to do with my kids and to niece too for that matter. I was a raging psycho and I feel really awful about it. I just could barely deal with her being here and I know I raised my voice and cursed a bit too much in front of them. I have some awesome mommy-ing and aunting to do.

First is going to be cleaning up this mess of a house. I didn't bother with most of it while she was here b/c it was just going to get messed up again and again and add on to the stress. I need to clean up though. Just so much trash (just small things like tissues, wrappers, etc) everywhere and it's driving me crazy to look at it.
I cleaned up some today, but there is a lot more to do.
Also need to give Zoe lots of hugs and love. Sure her little 3yo tude was annoying but she deserved better than what she got from me.

And lots of hugs and love for my little boy Oren too. He was ok, but he caught DH's cold and is miserable. He woke up so much last night b/c of coughing and not being able to breathe through his nose.
Got lots of snuggles today from him. Thankfully he doesn't seem to be running a fever so there's that at least.

And SiL finally did pay me today. I really wasn't expecting them to give me anything, but oh well. Glad to be wrong.

It's almost 9 and I'm about to get ready to go to bed. It's so sad.. I actually get excited thinking about going to sleep early lol.

Threw up... a lot today. It was just one incident, but still sucked. Thankfully I felt it coming and knew it was going to be bad. Got to the toilet just in time. As soon as I lifted the lid, out it came. Ya know.. I would rather just throw up than the empty retching that hurts like hell.
I still think morning sickness is finally easing up some though. Just hope I have more good days than bad ones now lol.
Oh and I'm gonna check for the HB before bed too. Haven't done it since my appointment.
I'll be 14w tomorrow. Not sure I'll pick up anything since I'm sure everything has moved up under my pooch but we'll see what happens :D

And I will get those photos uploaded and posted tomorrow! Hopefully nothing interferes with that so I can get that done early :)

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