Friday, February 5, 2016

Nothing yet

SiL was induced yesterday and as far as I know, no baby just yet. DH got a text last night before bed saying that she was 5cm, so yeah..... maybe something will happen soon, maybe not. Hope something does. Long labor sucks!

I did have a dream about her last night lol. I dreamt that she was in a HUGE room in the hospital. Bouncing on her birthing ball. Her mom and dad were there, along with every single member of her husbands family lol.
I was home with DH and he wanted me to go there and keep him updated, so he totally Bewitches me over to the room :P
That's pretty much the whole dream lol.

I threw up on myself just a little while ago. Was eating my brunch.... drank some water like a fool and felt it. But for some reason I didn't get up to get to a toilet or at least a sink. Oh no... I thought I could hold it back until the feeling left. NOPE!
I threw up all over my shirt and pants. Gross.....

And WTH... My boobs hurt!!! WTF is going on?? Shouldn't I have gotten this at the beginning?? Why is it happening now?

And yep.... nieces dumbass father picked her up late. No excuse... no GD reason he should have picked her up late.
I just want to scream in their face and repeatedly punch him and SiL in their stupid faces. But ya know.. you can't do that with family... but apparently it's totally ok to take advantage of them NP. Frickin assholes.

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