Monday, February 22, 2016

So much eye boogers!

I FINALLY cleaned up the living room yesterday lol. It took a couple of hours b/c I sorted through the FOUR toy bins in the living room and removed all of the baby baby toys and got Zoe to take some of her toys back to her room, etc etc. Now only 2 bins of toys along w/ some of the bigger stuff.
DH also set up Oren's birthday slide thing.
Zoe helped me clean, but only b/c I told her if we cleaned, daddy would set up the slide lol. As soon as everything was clean, she started in on him lol.
Bought this thing for him... it was 80something when I bought it...

It was pretty easy to set up and Zoe frickin loves it lol. As soon as it was set up.. Zoe was on it for HOURS just playing on it. Oren is still too small for it, but he'll love it just as much one day :)

Also yesterday.. Oren developed booger eyes. He started bawling b/c he was stuck in the living room while I was repotting some plants and DH was trying to make a cardboard box stronger. I finally finished and cleaned up and went to comfort him and he had a giant green booger under his eye. He's been snotty b/c of his cold, so I thought he had just wiped it up to his eye. Nope!
For the rest of the night, both of his eyes started getting all snotty and gross.
No idea why that started b/c he seemed to be getting better from his cold.
Poor guy was miserable last night and kept waking himself up coughing.
He seems ok today though. His left eye is all gunked up but doesn't seem to be oozing, so that's good :)

Saturday... we went to Target and bought him his first sippy cup. We went out to dinner with MiL and FiL and MiL's cousin (that comes out with us every once in a while, he's a nice guy). MiL wanted to feed Oren some chocolate milkshake which was fine with us and Oren actually figured out how to suck through the straw :D SO we stopped by the store on the way home and got him a straw sippy. He's been using it and seems to really like it. I made some chocolate milk today and he was really loving sharing that with me... just hope it doesn't make me sicker lol.
SO YAY! for my big boy :)
Can't believe he's gonna be 1 in 2 weeks. Man... they really do grow up so fast.

UGH, Zoe was getting on my last nerve last night. We put her to bed at 7:30. Sometimes she'll stay up and play in her room, other times, she'll go right to sleep. She went right to sleep since she had been playing on the new slide since it went up.
DH and I were both really tired and ended up going to bed early and getting ready starting at 8:30. Zoe woke up once... ok.... fine. And then proceeded to get up another SIX times until 11pm. 3 of those times... I had just, JUST fallen asleep when she'd start back up for no reason. I was done by the last 2... I didn't bother getting up the last time and shook DH awake b/c I would've blown up on her. Didn't want to do that so made DH get up with her. As I've said before.. I already have so much trouble getting to sleep normally, and then getting woken up just after falling asleep.... yeah.. I was not a happy momma.
Not my finest hours there :\
Thankfully she and Oren slept in a little bit this morning so I got a little more sleep.

MiL and FiL did come over yesterday too. They wanted to use our tax return thing and DH wanted FiL's opinion on the baby's room and if we'd have to hire a professional etc etc.
Oren was more than happy to be held by MiL almost the entire time lol. He's such a little snuggle monster :)
Sweet baby boy...
When they were leaving, DH asked them if they wanted the Terrain (the car we got from my mom). They would take over the payments.
We probably wouldn't get anything if we traded it in so DH wanted to see if they would want it. They REALLY need a new car right now b/c theirs are going to shit really fast.
They have 2 suburbans that are old and just not in good shape at all. Theirs needs a complete engine overhaul which would cost them 5k. Don't think their entire vehicle is even worth that much anymore.
And the other one, which belongs to the grandfather, is complete shit too and needs a lot of work and overall is in worse shape. They have a truck, but FiL drives that one. So yeah... they need a new car.
BUT thing is.. they need one that the grandfather can get in and out of. Since his stroke, he's been a giant dickwad and must approve of whatever car they get.
They had actually gotten a minivan, but since grandpa had trouble getting in and out of it... they took it back 2 days later.
So yeah.... we'll see what happens.
The Terrain isn't great and has it's flaws, but it's a fairly new car in really good condition and they'd be getting it at a good price that they could afford.
I hope they take it. It really doesn't matter to us financially either way though.
It just annoys me so much that they're letting the grandfather dictate everything so much. LIke... WTF is he going to do... bitch some? Big deal.. let him bitch until he's blue in the face IMO. Just b/c he had a stroke doesn't mean he gets to turn in to a giant asshole and everyone has to just deal with it.
He is lucky that MiL and FiL take care of him as well as they do. Using money they don't have to take care of hime, taking him to all of his appointments, etc etc.
Just so annoyed for them.

Anywho... I'll stop for now. This post ended up a lot longer than I had intended it to be lol.

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