Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thanks DH!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend :)
We're not really big on the whole Valentines Day thing other than me telling DH I don't want to cook lol and us buying some V day candy :P

Plus it didn't help that DH is still and got the rest of us sick too. Awesome. First 2 days I felt awful, like it was just going to be a really shitty bad cold, but now, it's just my nose is stuffed up. Thank goodness.
Oren seems to be feeling better too. He's still stuffed up too, but other than that seems to be fine.
Zoe is also sick and is coughing a bit, but otherwise is acting like her usual crazy self lol.
So hopefully this is all that comes of this cold and we all get over it quick.

DH and I did go see Deadpool yesterday :) He didn't have to work and MiL agreed to watch our rugrats.
Great movie! Well.. great if you kind of know what you're getting in to lol. It's definitely not your typical superhero movie :P

Lets see..... I sneezed a couple nights ago while I was laying in bed on my side. Frickin SUPER sharp quick pain at my incision area. Holy crap it hurt. Actually brought tears to my eyes, but thankfully the pain quickly subsided too. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a little paranoid that something ripped. Pretty certain it was just typical RLP type of pain though... just intensified by the sneeze.

Morning sickness is about the same. Comes and goes now. I threw up a little this morning. Just mucus and the little bit of water I had. I had mucus stuck in my throat which triggered gagging and it escalated from there :\
Thankfully I hadn't eaten anything b/c I would've left a puke trail to the bathroom that I would've had to clean up lol.

Dopplered twice since finding the HB and haven't found it again. Not too worried about it. Just wanted to find it again so DH could hear it.

DH started measuring the room we're turning in to the baby's room. I think we're definitely cutting my closet in half which I'm totally fine with. It's just coming up with something that's going to be the least amount of work/money. We're already going to have to move some electrical stuff and add a thingamajig on the ceiling so we can put in an overhead light/fan.
It's gonna be a good chunk of money we're gonna have to spend. DH wants to make it an actual bedroom... meaning one with a closet. I don't think it's necessary, but I guess in the longrun it will be, plus I think it will help with the overall value of the house if we ever sell.
So yeah.. might as well do it now I guess lol.

We've also been looking in to minivans more.
I think right now... we're debating between the Honda and the Nissan. Both are pretty hefty in price and the Honda seems to be the more popular with better ratings, but the Nissan isn't bad either. Not sure when it's gonna happen.. but we gotta go look at them in person and test drive.
I think just looking at what each has to offer.. I want the Honda... but we'll see :) Either way.. it's a frickin huge expensive purchase!

MiL has been telling DH about SiL's birth. MiL was there for it all pretty much.
She said SiL didn't initially want an epidural b/c she thought it was "weak". UGH... seriously?
Now if someone doesn't want an epidural.. fine.. but to think it's weak to get one? Come on now. I hate that that even crosses anyone's mind. Do people think it's weak to take tylenol for a headache?
Did she think it was weak to take something when she had periods and her endo caused her to have seriously awful cramps? No? So why the hell is it weak to take pain meds during labor.. something a good many women describe as the worst pain in their life? It's not frickin weak.. it's taking advantage of modern medicine!
Thankfully MiL told her she was crazy for thinking it and told her if she needed the relief to get it.
It just frustrates me that women have convinced themselves that they MUST feel the pain of labor/birth or they're less of a woman/mom or "weak" for needing/wanting pain relief. Just stop with that nonsense already. Really shouldn't let it bother me, but it does.                                                                              

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