Friday, January 29, 2016

Not so bad.....

So yesterday was the first day I had to watch my niece. It went down how I thought it would, but wasn't too bad. She and Zoe both got in trouble some, but overall, they both did ok.
Good lord is my niece hard headed though and she has ignoring down to a damn science.
I wanted to bash my head against a brick wall trying to get her to pick up after herself. Zoe did great and did as she was told, but her cousin... UUUUUGH. I had to stand over her and constantly repeat for her to pick up the toys she wasn't playing with. Girl is going to get it that her Aunt aint playing around and isn't gonna take her crap lol.

It's past 10:30 now and she is sleeping on the couch. Once her mom left, she said her tummy hurt and kinda faceplanted on to the couch. I put a blanket over her and she went right to sleep. Not complaining at all. She can sleep for however long she wants. Had to keep Oren from pulling her hair but Zoe has been good at keeping quiet and letting her sleep :)

Did I mention that Oren is clapping a little now? I know I mentioned the waving, but he's kind of figured out clapping now too. :) It's so cute watching him grow up. I just love it. Loved it with Zoe, love it with him and will love it with this new one. It's just so fun watching your kids discover all of these things that you just don't notice any longer.

Have I mentioned that if all goes well... my kids are going to be spaced out exactly (by month) how DH and his siblings are spaced out AND if this is a girl.. then that will be the same too.. girl, boy, girl. lol I think that's kind of fun and neat :)
I do kind of want another girl b/c I just love my Zoe so much, but gosh.. another boy would be just as awesome too. Plus having another boy would balance the girl/boy ratio a bit lol. Well... not really. My brother has 2 girls and 1 boy. Sil has 1 girl, older SiL is having a girl.... I have a girl, and then Oren.... so yeah... 5/2 right now :P
I know older SiL wants more. When she was going through Zoe's old clothes she said she was going to hold on to the boy stuff just in case she has a boy (after this one).
Anywho... DH wants another boy b/c he doesn't want Oren to go through what he did. Most of his cousins are girls so he was kind of alone and not as close to them as his sisters were. I don't want that for Oren :( Even if this is another girl, I just hope all my kids are really close.

UGH.... I'm about to unfollow one of the women in Oren's DD group. She is an anti-vaxxer and keeps posting up stupid ass anti-vax BS 'facts'. Really wish I could call her out on her bullshit, but people like that are so far in to that crap that you could show them the undeniable truth about something and they wouldn't listen. Just.... UGH...

I threw up yesterday. I had just gotten done eating and went to check on the girls b/c they had been in the bathroom for a while. That was a HUGE mistake b/c niece had just gotten done taking a poop in the potty and boy did it stink! I instantly started gagging while trying to make sure she wiped her butt and ran out and threw up in the kitchen sink. Even thinking about it now is making me gag.
Yeah... morning sickness still here strong.
It's funny though b/c it doesn't usually start until I start making my breakfast. I get hungry... get up to start cooking, start getting whatever and that's when the nausea starts. WTF? o_O
So going by that and how strong it still is... I think baby is doing ok in there. I am still worried though.
I know I said I wasn't going to use doppler again but I have a couple more times. Not as much as I was before, but I still use it to try to find baby. I think baby might be just under my giant fat roll so that's not going to help finding baby lol.
Gosh, I just hope this little peanut is ok in there. Please be ok.

And finally....
I still haven't gotten photos off the camera yet. I remembered that I still needed to post photos of Oren in that stitch outfit and those are on the camera. I'm gonna be busy sewing this weekend so may not get the chance, but if I have a minute I'll try to remember to do that :)

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