Friday, February 12, 2016


Before I forget to post them... again ;)
It's not many. Thought I took more than this, but oh well.

All 3 monsters posing lol. Thought I took a photo of just Zoe, but no.. that was DH. He took some photos of her on his phone. Oops. How cute are the costume pj things though?? :D YOu can find them on amazon. They were a few dollars under $20. The blue one wasn't prime but the pink one was. When I went to buy the pink one, think I just searched 'unicorn costume'.

Oren in his adorable Stitch thing. Look at the nubby tail! Just look at it!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally the thing I was working on for SiL.
She's the only one ever getting Dumbo. It was a PITA to figure out and make, but I think it came out pretty cute :) The bubbles were supposed to be upright, but I planned it all poorly and it wouldn't sit straight when hung. Heck.. it doesn't now :P lol This was the first of many that are going to be made though so it's going to be a learning process to what's going to work and what won't w/ some of the designs I've come up with :) Really hoping I can bust these out so I can start selling them!
I may do an elephant that's like this one.. just doesn't have the dumbo little details on it.

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