Thursday, February 18, 2016

He's such a weirdo

He's my little weirdo.
Oren is so adorable...
If Zoe is laying or sitting on the floor, he crawls over to her and proceeds to lay and roll on her . It's the cutest thing and they both get a kick out of it and start giggling like crazy.
So stinkin cute :)

Bought Oren his birthday present... although I'd say we got it mostly for Zoe right now lol.
It's a little plastic playset thing. It has a basketball hoop, a little wall climb thing and a small slide. It's something small I want to keep in the living room. Well... I HOPE it's small enough to keep in here lol. If not, it will go in the sunroom.
Zoe tries to make a slide out of everything which prompted me to look at little playsets. Did see some cute beds w/ slides that she would probably love too, but no... I think we'll just stick to the crib she has lol.

But yeah... other than a cake, that's all he's getting from us. We really don't need anything for him.
Can't believe he's almost 1yo though. Geeze.. where the heck has this last year gone?

Oren has STTN for the past 3 nights!! Oh my gosh, I hope this continues lol. Now if Zoe would stop waking up before frickin 6am.. that would be great.

I bring her to lay down with me, but nooooo.. she's wide awake so she starts tossing and turning and sometimes singing to herself which keeps me up. Sigh.....
She wanted to get up this morning so I let her and stayed in bed for another 30min :P I could hear everything she was doing but I still snoozed the entire time which was much needed.


I still haven't managed to clean up completely yet. Just laziness... that's it. Just being lazy lazy lazy. I just see all the mess and think... "later". Later comes and I'm too worn out to do anything. Hell, I don't even want to get up to get myself more water which I really need to do.

Had an awful dream last night. Dreamt that I went to the bathroom and saw a lot of fresh blood and clots on my panty liner. And when I got up, lots in the toilet and on the TP.
I had a couple of those dreams when pregnant with Oren... can't remember if I did with Zoe. Frickin hate them b/c I wake up so paranoid that something is wrong and that I'll see blood when I use the bathroom :( Damn you brain!

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