Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just one more day.... after this one

One more day... just one more day I have to watch niece and then.. FREEDOM!
I can handle my kids, but Zoe w/ her cousin has been driving me frickin crazy. I get SO damn stressed that I'm pretty sure this constant dull headache that I have is the result.

I just want our less chaotic lives back already. I just want to go back to loving her from afar and not yelling every other second sounding like a crazy woman.

Plus... it doesn't look like SiL or her husband plan on paying me anything for this AND his asshole self keeps showing up late to pick her up. Dude... you're a dick.... plain and simple. There's NO reason he should be late picking her up unless he suddenly gets a case of explosive diarrhea and needs to go home and change. No... he's late b/c the dick goes home and dicks around like the dick he is THEN comes and picks her up..... dick.

On a more positive note... Zoe has been loving it. Sure, she and her cousin fight with eachother a lot, but she's been having so much fun running around driving me crazy lol.

DH wants to add another door to my closet that will lead in to the new baby's room. Was thinking about taking space from my closet to make a closet for baby, but he likes the idea of being able to walk through my closet to the baby lol. I'm cool with that. I have a lot of crafty stuff in there, but I'm not a woman that has a lot of hanging up clothes lol. It will fit in to a small space so we can make room for baby stuff :)
I do need to organize it better. Maybe when all of this starts taking place, we can get a cool storage space thing in there so I can still have plenty of room for my craft supplies along with everything else :D

He wants to do a sliding door for the closet and I'd like to do one for the main door in to the room too. Not sure if that's going to happen though since we want a doorknob on it and well.. can't have that if it's sliding in to the wall. We'll see what the options are.

I'm just glad our home has a room we're not really using. I mean... come on... who the hell needs a normal living room along with a "formal" living room. Sure it's pretty on all these renovation shows where they have a bazillion living rooms for the kids and one for the adults, but who the heck in normal every day life would actually use that? Heck, we don't even use our dining room for it's intended purpose. Right now.. it's the place where all of our amazon boxes go to multiply and die :P lol
So anyway.. yeah.. we're lucky we have room to make a new room for the baby. It needs a little bit of work but not too much :)

Morning sickness finally seems to be getting better thank goodness. At least the last couple of days it hasn't been too bad.
I would have thrown up all over Oren today if I had eaten something though. He had nasty smelly smooshy poop and it triggered my MS HARD lol. Thankfully I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink that recently so it was just strong gagging.
But yeah... other than a few instances of gagging and some nausea in the middle of the night.. it's been ok. YAY :D

I'm still not sure if I'm feeling baby move or not. I'm going to say... Not. I think what I was feeling before may have just been gas. I've had some seriously BAD gas for about a week now and that could be the fizzy feeling I've been experiencing. Oh well... it was fun to imagine that it was baby :) I'll feel real movements soon enough.
It's hard to believe I'll be 14w this Friday. It seriously feels like I just got the BFP.

SiL's baby is so stinkin cute! She sent a couple of photos and man... just adorable! :D She has a lot of ginger colored hair! Must get that from the husband's side b/c I haven't met anyone from DH's side that has natural red hair lol.
Can't wait to see more photos of her and I just want my kiddos to meet their new cousin. They won't give a turd since they're so young and well.. that's just youngins for ya, but it will still be cute! lol

Oh and I finally finished the thing I'm giving to SiL. I had to tweak it some b/c what I had originally designed wasn't going to work, but it still came out pretty cute. It could be better, but oh well. It was my first time making something like this and I'm proud of it :D
I will post photos on Friday once normal life resumes. Going to start on another one today :) Now that I have an idea of what works and what doesn't.. I'm hoping this new one won't take as long to complete. It shouldn't since the design is simpler. :)

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