Wednesday, February 3, 2016

!2w appointment

Sorry I didn't post yesterday after my appointment.

My appointment went well though :) Had to do the usual. Pee in a cup, weighed, blood pressure. Then I got a surprise ultrasound so they could check the baby's heart and everything was fine as far as that :)
Baby was wiggling around and kicking out its legs and heartrate was 169 :)
SO relieved!!
Didn't get any good shots of the baby. She was having trouble getting a good view b/c baby is right at the point of being under my giant fat pooch. Oh well. What I saw was enough to help put my mind at ease.
I then went and talked with the doc for a quick second and learned that the genetic testing wouldn't be done until next visit (16w). That's kind of disappointing b/c I was hoping to just get it out of the way, but oh well.
Then I went and got blood taken... think it was about 6 or 7 vials. Just all the standard stuff including the thyroid thing.
So yeah, pretty standard appointment I think. Was in and out really quick b/c I was one of the only people there.

Think I've been dehydrated these last few days and finally felt it yesterday. My whole uterus area was aching like crazy and I'm still feeling it a bit on the right side. Need to make sure to drink plenty of water today.

Frickin niece..... She's a biter and good lord does it piss me off when she does it. Last time she did it, she almost broke the skin on Zoe's fingers. I spanked her little butt and bit her back :\
I hate spanking and lord knows I don't bite on a normal basis lol, but it just felt like that needed to be done to teach her to not do it.
She didn't bite yesterday so... maybe it worked a little? But while I was at my appointment yesterday, DH says Zoe tried to bite her cousin. UGH... yeah.... learning some great frickin habits there. :\
I can't wait until this is over with though. No more added stress... and deprogramming Zoe to get rid of all the new habits she picks up from her cousin :\

And finally... in better more exciting news....
SiL is going to be induced Thursday morning! :D She had an appointment yesterday or MOnday and baby's heartrate was a bit high so they're not going to let her go any further pretty much. SO happy and excited for her. I hope it goes smooth and quick. Can't wait to see what her lil girl will look like! She's gonna be such a little cutey!

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Shari said...

Glad your appointment went well! Even better that you got to have an u/s!