Monday, February 8, 2016

Well that was boring

I don't usually watch football. I don't hate it, but also don't follow it either. I'll watch a couple of games if DH puts it on but other than that.. meh.
We do watch the Super Bowl though.. well.. sometimes lol.
Did last night and SNOOOOOOOOOZE.
Good grief that was a boring game. I'm not expecting touchdowns all over the place, but dang... that was just a giant snoozefest.

In other news... I had a violent morning sickness incident yesterday. Just got done eating brunch and got that all too familiar feeling. I thought I would throw up some of what I had just eaten, but nope.. it wasn't going anywhere, so I kept retching and retching and retching. I did it so hard that my head felt like I had had it in a vice and my eyes were all puffy like I had been crying all day and I got that gawd awful feeling of my nerves just all feeling ablaze b/c of the strain my body was going through trying to throw up.
It was awful.
This morning sickness can kiss my ass and leave already.

B/c of that.. I woke up with a headache and still have it right now.
BUT b/c of the headache and not wanting to make it worse... I've been keeping my cool with Zoe and niece lol.
There have been a couple of moments where I needed to raise my voice, but overall, it's been a pretty calm day. Both of them are kind of behaving.... as much as a 3 and 4yo can lol.

And finally... still working on my project. it's coming along, but I think if I want to sell these things.. I'm going to have to simplify the designs a bit... or at least how I make them. I have to sew it all by hand which is taking forever since I have to stop to do mom stuff ;) heh
I may try using some fabric glue to see if that is a quicker option to add on details and whatnot. We'll see what happens. This is the first one I'm making so there's going to be a lot of trial and error before I come up with a solid way to create these things that don't take forever.

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