Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lemme rant for a second

So DH snores.... now he's sick, so he snores more.
Pain in the ass for myself since I don't usually get to sleep very easily and get woken up easy too.. well more so now that I have to pee more at night and I'm sick and the kids.
So I poke and gently push him to get him to change positions. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'll have to do it a few more times to get him in to that magical position.
Keep in mind that he's one of those people that falls asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. He gets to sleep extremely easy and stays asleep.
So anyway, last night was the same as usual. I woke up to pee, laid back down and pushed him a little to get him to roll. He stops snoring for a second and then continues. Not surprising. So I do it a few more times and he wakes up all pissed.
Dude... if I could go to sleep as easily as he does.. this wouldn't be a damn problem. Just roll your ass over and fall back to sleep before you're even in your final position like you always do.
But no no... he wakes up and gets all pissy with me. Waits for me to finally fall asleep and then loudly tells me to "ROLL OVER" waking me up.. causing me to lay there for another good 20mins to try to get back to sleep.
I would totally sleep out on the recliner, but don't want to be bothered by our cat who thinks 4am is a good time to start meowing for food.
Just UGH!
Oh I understand that it gets annoying for him too, but like I said... he gets back to sleep instantly and usually goes right back to snoring.
I told him he need one of those cpap machines bc he also gets sleep apnea if he sleeps on his back, but nooooooo. He pulls typical guy BS and wont go to the doc about it.
UGH again.

Anyway, enough of that.....

While I'm thinking about it.
Cat is doing well. His paws are still looking good and thankfully he's using his litter boxes again. He could be secretly peeing somewhere that we haven't found, but I haven't smelled anything where it shouldn't be lol.
He's still SUPER lazy, but now he can jump over the baby gates in to areas we don't want him to go :P

Cid (our frenchie mix) is doing ok. Vet put him on a different antibiotic for his tail. Not sure if I explained what happened before? If not.. quick recap...
His tail is naturally a nub and curves in to his body.. the area right above his butthole. So looking at it, it just looks like he has a tiny tiny nub for a tail, but in reality, there's a little more to it. Well, it gets irritated sometimes and fairly recently has gotten to the point of becoming infected and oozing puss.
It happened last year and antibiotics cleared it up.
Happened again recently along with this other spot on his butt that started to ooze b/c he rubs his butt on the carpet and outside to scratch it. Tried him on some left over meds that the cat was on. Didn't work. Tried him on an antibiotic the vet gave us... didn't work. Now he's back on the same stuff he was on last year and finally.. it looks to be working.
If it didn't.... we'd have to get surgery on his tail. I think we should still get it done b/c all of these vet visits with the cost of the meds is coming out more than what the surgery would cost. All it is maybe a half an inch or so of tail that's jutting in to his body causing all the problems. Not sure why the vet can't just do an Xray already, see how far the tail grows in and then snip it off and pull it out. DH for some reason thinks the tail is growing all through his body... uh no. I used to be able to get my finger underneath it to clean it and the tail isn't going to magically grow more.
So yeah.... he's good.

Our other 2 dogs are doing well. One is up there in age and showing it. She has slowed way down, but still just as annoying as ever. Our chihuahua loves her though. She's his big furry heater :P

**!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!**

And finally... we finally watched the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead last night.
It was a really good episode except the one part that bugged the hell out of me.
I don't remember their names so forgive me.

After the preacher takes the baby, the rest of them link hands back up and start walking.
Then of course what we all saw coming from a mile away.. the little boy starts to freak out. Now here is my problem... why didn't they just drag his ass on?? Who the hell wrote that part? I would've grabbed the kid's arm and kept going. Screw stopping in the middle of a hoard of zombies to calmly try to reason with your kid that's going in to shock. No... drag his ass or pick him the hell up and keep going! Just.... WTF was up with that part?? Frustrating!!!

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