Friday, February 12, 2016

I found it!!!

I didn't doppler last night so did it just a few minutes ago. Took me a while to figure out where to look, but I found the heartbeat!! It was really brief, but it was definitely the baby! YAY! So happy :) Heartbeat was found just under my pooch, so it's not quite under it just yet. I'm sure things will start shifting up more soon though.


Oren slept much better last night and seems to be feeling a little better today. Thank goodness this is just a cold and nothing worse. I'm sure Zoe and I will be getting sick soon. Nothing like a face full of sick baby cough and sneezes.

Actually got to sleep in today... ok so not really. I got to sleep in a whole 20mins longer LOL. But hey.. I'll take what I can get ;) lol

It's so nice to have our normal lives back again. So... so nice. I don't have the energy to clean like I need to do, but I'm not too worried about that. It will happen... I'm just relaxing in the meantime.

I am about to go make some chocolate chip cookies.
Yep... I'm living it up until I get diagnosed with diabetes again. It's so bad, but heck.. if the doctor's office was worried about it, they would tell me to eat right from the get go right? :P rofl
I really have been eating like shit though and really should clean up my diet more. If not for me, then for my baby and DH. Poor DH wants to lose weight so bad, but I keep wanting junk food. I feel awful about it sometimes, but then I think about having to eat right after my 24w appointment and just thinking that it can wait. I'm so terrible!

And finally...... man.. our kids have too many dang toys. But with another coming... we don't want to throw anything away. I think once Oren starts to walk, we'll move some stuff in to his room. Free up more space in the living room.
You know those reno shows where they always rag on parents for having toys all over their living room? Yeah... that's us. I really don't mind it so long as Zoe picks up after herself which she's usually pretty good at doing.

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