Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ugh... people....

I know I do a lot of bitching... I judge a heck of a lot too, but I do it here. My own personal blog where I can say whatever the hell I want and still be nice and civil when I'm around other people, whether if it's on a forum or IRL.

Someone on the new DD group mentioned how she was getting shit for liking a certain name from her friends and how she's getting unsolicited opinions on circumcising too if she has a boy.
And of course.. here comes anti-circ bitch to speak up about it.. b/c she gets to dictate what everyone else does to their child.
At first she was ok... said she didn't want to turn it in to a debate about circing, just said she was against it. That's cool... people can be pro or against whatever for whatever reason.
THEN here she comes again saying that she thinks it should be illegal and that it's barbaric.
So much for that not turning it in to a debate bullshit.
Why?? WHY do you fucking care what someone does to their baby?? So you'd never do it to your child? Good for you! THat's awesome. Stick to your shit and shut the fuck up about what other people are doing to theirs. Whether or not a boy has foreskin or not is none of your fucking business unless you plan on staring at baby dicks like a GD pervert.
You are JUST as fucking bad as the people who think they have any say in what the parents name their child. Sure, you can have your opinion on whatever... but keep it to yourself unless you're specifically asked about it, or do what I do.. start your own damn blog and bitch about it there! lol

In other less bitchy news lol...

Something is wrong with the baby shampoo we're using or.. well.... something is going wrong somewhere lol. It's cetaphil baby shampoo soap stuff. We used a bottle of it before, it ran out, so we bought a new one.
Had no problems with the last bottle, but this one... we've used it 3 times so far. Twice on Zoe and once on Oren, and every single time... they get bad eye boogers. WTH?
If you remembered my post before when talking about Oren's eye boogers... that was the first time we had used that particular bottle on him. I did notice after the bath that he had blood shot eyes, but just thought he got some soap in them... not a big deal. Then later on the eye boogers came. I just thought it was from his cold.

Then I bathed Zoe and used it to wash her hair and body and she got eye boogers too. Not as bad, but her eyes also got blood shot and her left eye started oozing thick boogery mucus.

That made me stop a moment and look at the stuff funny.

So the next time.. I only washed her body with it and used something different to wash her hair. The wash never got in her eyes.
She still came out with even worse blood shot eyes and once again... eye boogers.
So.... again... WTH??
I have some Aveeno baby wash that I was using when I was still pumping that I'll try on them next. If they still get eye boogers then at least we'll know that it's not the cetaphil stuff causing it.

Just weird.

Another WTH moment.... my cold is easing up. I can actually breathe through my nose most of the time and even when laying down (sometimes). So I've been doing that and my frickin mouth and throat are STILL drying out. WTF??
I've been drinking a TON of water at night to help prevent dry mouth if I do end up mouth breathing. I drink a glass of water before going to bed (it's about 2c worth I think). And then, all through out the night, I'll drink 1-2 more glasses of water. I drink some every time I get up.. which is a lot b/c I have to pee all the time from the water I'm drinking lol.
So... WTF??
Just damn annoying b/c it's irritating my throat like crazy and it becomes painful.

And finally... I have a dentist appointment next month. It's at the end of the month, but I am not looking forward to it. I haven't been to the dentist in forever... FOREVER. My teeth aren't horrible, but they need some work done on them. I am not looking forward do this shit.

Zoe is also going to the dentist for the first time :D Other than the ship in one of her front teeth that happened when she was a baby... her teeth look great. Hope that's the case when the dentist actually looks at them lol.

We really need to start brushing Oren's teeth. He has.... hmm 8? total right now and with him eating solids.. yeah.. we need to start.

Anyway, blahblahblah...I talk too much :P

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