Saturday, February 6, 2016

Yay for SiL! :D

She had her little girl yesterday :D She's so cute but look so big in the photos! lol
She was 7lbs 3oz and just over 20inches long. You can tell she's a long baby. She looks just like SiL.. at least in the nose area. DH's family have some strong genes lol. Well except for my other niece.. she looks exactly like her father except for the nose.

But yeah... so happy for SiL. Sounds like her induction went great. Sounds like she pushed for a while but in the end it all turned out fine.

Seeing my new little niece really made me long for another and I dunno... made me even more excited for this one.
If I'm being honest.. I've been feeling a little disconnected from this pregnancy. Probably b/c I'm not obsessing over it like I did with the previous 2. I'm so busy taking care of Oren and Zoe that there's not a lot of time to just sit back and really think about a new LO coming in to our lives. I'm sure once I'm bigger and start feeling the baby it will start feeling a bit more.... real.
I know that's kind of stupid since I've been having worse morning sickness and whatnot. Oh well.

Speaking of Oren and Zoe...

Oren gives high fives now :D Just taught it to him a couple days ago and he gets so happy to do it. He's so darn cute and yep, I do still remember that I need to post pics of him off the camera. Really need to remember to do that already!
He's good though... just growing up so quick and getting a lot more annoyed by Zoe lol.

Zoe is doing well and just in full on annoying toddler mode. I love her to death but holy smokes does she get on my nerves too.
I'm waiting for DH to get home from the store b/c little miss Zoe thought it would be a great idea to go in to Oren's room and play with the diaper rash cream. She got it all over one of his bottles and all over his carpet. SO yeah... I get to carpet clean when DH gets home... really need to text him to hurry up.
Oh and I had to throw the bottle away b/c she put a play pickle in it and now it's stuck. Awesome.....
She's such a trip though. There are the rare moments when she turns back in to my sweet funny little girl :P lol
Like today DH called MiL just to ask what was going on etc... and after the call ended Zoe said "I love her." Awww, right? Then she said " Aww, that was sweet." ROFL.
And she started watching some cartoon on netflix where the main character's name is Johnny so now she's pretending her name is Johnny. Before this... she wanted us to call her either Anna or Elsa depending on which costume dress she had on... and before that.. she wanted us to call her a Ninja. :P
Really love that she's having fun with that.. although it gets a little annoying when she won't answer to her name lol.

Keep asking DH to come up with some cute short girl names.
I think he likes the idea of the baby having his initials so told him to come up with girl names that start with an E.
He named off a few, but one in particular.. I really like. Ella. I think it's short and cute and not one you hear that frequently. Well.. he did say there was a girl at his church that Zoe is friends with named that, but still.... is it that common? It probably is, but I don't care. I like it a lot :D
Not really sure he does and it's not like we don't have a ton of time to find something else.

Alrighty, gotta get back to working on this project that I'm determined to get going. I think I could make at least a little bit of money if I can just figure out how to make it look clean and neat.
First one I'm making is going to be for SiL.... just hope I can figure it out soon.
Other SiL is planning on visiting them in a couple of weeks and I want to send this with her to give to them.
And yes... I'm being vague on what it is lol. I want to keep it secret bc I don't think I've found anything quit like what I'm envisioning :D

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