Monday, March 3, 2014


I've decided to go ahead start provera this afternoon if OPKs are still negative which I'm sure they will be.
10 days of provera, w/ a week long period. I'll be cd 29 when my annual exam comes around. I want to give my body enough time to MAYBE ovulate if it's going to.
And if not, then I'll talk to my doc about possibly trying clomid or femara again.

Also, we have that concert on the 2nd and I do not want to be on my period then. :P

So yeah, that's the plan :)

And during all of this, I will of course be continuing with my healthier eating and losing weight.

Speaking of which, I had birthday cake yesterday :P LOL
It was one piece (still a pretty big one though) and MAN was it good.
It was for SiL and I don't think we have any other birthdays coming up so.. hopefully that was the last really bad cheat for a while.
I can already feel myself wanting more junk food though. Sugar is such a bitch man. Get a little taste of it and it's all downhill from there if you allow it.

Back on weight topic... my weight was a little up this morning but my body has shown me that I can't deviate much if I want to keep going the right way.
Hoping to lose at least 5 more pounds by my appointment. I'll be in the 100's then and yeah, hopefully my body ovulates on it's own. If not then hopefully clomid or femara if she prescribes either will work :)

Zoe got her first scraped knee yesterday :(
While at SiL's, she leaked through her diaper and pants so we decided to just let her run around w/ no pants on.
We took her outside and down she went right on the concrete. Scraped up her shin on one leg and the knee on the other. She didn't cry much though.

She did cry when her 2yo cousin bit her hand though. Her cousin is going through an extremely jealous phase right now and was not liking Zoe playing with her toys. So she took Zoe's hand and CHOMPED.
No blood or anything was drawn but I'm sure that didn't feel good either :P
Zoe still had a good time over there despite some injuries hehe.

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