Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nothing much

Nothing much is going on.

Zoe threw up this morning. She started crying and DH was already up for work so he checked her. She started crying again while he was in the shower so I went to change her hoping maybe a dry diaper would get her back to sleep.
Picked her up, laid her down on the changing pad and she started gagging and gurgling. Sat her up quickly and she spewed all over the place. My first reaction was to try to catch it with my hand. BLEH. No idea WHY that was my first reaction but it was and... yeah. gross...
She's fine now though. Not sure what caused her to upchuck. She may have done it to herself.
Could be teething and she stuck her little hand in a bit too far in her mouth.

She was freaked out afterwards though. She's only thrown up once? twice? before.

Diet is going well again although my weight seems to have stalled once again *grr*
It's like one day, my wedding ring will be falling off all day, then the next, it's a perfect fit again.
Not sure what my body is doing but I wish it would stop already. Just lose weight like a normal body damnit!!

We have a concert to go to in a couple of weeks. I'm honestly not that excited about it but DH is. It's his fav band and they don't come to this area often. It's on a Wednesday though. WTH kind of day is that to have a concert?
Is it bad that I still don't like Zoe spending the night away from me?
Would think by now I'd be more than happy to have her go spend the night somewhere, but no... I hate it. I worry so much even though I know she's ok. I mean I was a worrywart before, but I dunno... just didn't think I'd be this way before having her.

Anyone watch Korean dramas? I enjoy them on netflix, but damn.... they get tiring. Why do the girls ALWAYS go for the dickhead??? And there is usually some poor nice guy left on the side lines that is cuter and treats the girl like a queen. But she totally ignores him or sticks him permanently in the friend zone.
GRR so frustrating!!

And then there was this stupid Korean movie I watched called Sunny. Now overall it was entertaining but the last part was SO frickin dumb.
The pretty girl ends up getting slashed in the face. Not a huge deal. So she'll probably have a scar on her cheek (where she got slashed)... MAYBE. Not the end of the world right?
Well apparently the characters in this movie thought it was and she tried killing herself.
Seriously???? I mean....... SERIOUSLY??? My eyes rolled so damn much during that crap. So stupid

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