Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Not sure why I didn't rant about this before. It's not a new one though but one that keeps coming up and just annoys the ever loving crap out of me.

It's DH's aunt.
She loves Zoe so much, but I swear if she keeps trying to get Zoe to call me Lisa, I'm going to freak out on her.
I almost lost it when we went to SiL's little family get together on Sunday.
We were sitting in the living room and Zoe was looking past me at this play kitchen.
She still babbles a lot so she said something that KIND of sounded like "Lsssssss" That's it.

But here comes DH's aunt pointing to me and saying "Yeah, LISA!!!"

Are you F-ing kidding me with this crap woman?? You're STILL trying to get my daughter to call me by my name??
No, Zoe doesn't call me Momma YET, but that doesn't mean I want her calling me LISA either!

Good gawd it annoys me so much (if you couldn't tell).

Then she had the nerve to ask me "Oh does she call you Lisa??" No heifer, no she doesn't.
I couldn't hide my annoyance so just said a very loud, annoyed "NO" to her.

OH! AND this same aunt keeps trying to get Zoe to call earrings "Lisa". Seriously..... seriously????
For one, it's annoying that she's teaching Zoe the wrong word for something, nevermind that it's my damn name.
And just UGH! This aunt... man.....
She's one of those love/hate people. She can be a really great person to be around sometimes, and then others... others you just want to punch her in her boob.

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Megan said...

I have people like that, that you want to punch in the boob!