Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dairy.. why do you do the things you do???

Had smoothies for dinner last night.
It consisted of

2 bags of organic berry blend (strawberry, blueberry?, raspberry, blackberry)
2 bananas
about 1/2-2/3c of heavy cream
1-1.5c of whole milk

I don't really measure so am guestimating on the liquids. It was just enough to make it like a delicious soft serve.

Anyway, about 2 hours later, gassy bloat!!! UGH. I'm still paying for it today too. SIGH!

So damn frustrating when EVERYTHING causes problems :\

We watched this documentary on Netflix last night called Hungry for Change. I HIGHLY recommend watching it. It's on instant so you could have it on while doing some chores or something. It's basically just saying how processed crap, sugar sugar sugar is making us fat and extremely unhealthy.
Can't remember if it was this one or the one we started to watch after that talked about Raw Milk. Made me curious about trying it but we really don't have dairy that often so.. meh.
Did make me wish that we could afford better meats. Which reminds me that I need to look that up.


Just took my 2nd dose of provera. Actually my third since I took 2 pills yesterday.
Sigh, still can't believe I did that lol.
It's b/c I take multiple Vit D pills. Guess I was spaced out or something so shook out the 2 provera like I do the D.
Oh well. Wouldn't think that it's going to cause problems.

I wanted to start exercising but I have NO energy. I'm SO frickin tired it's not even funny.
Doesn't help that I've been sleeping like this and Zoe has been going through a sleep regression. UGH
The night before last, starting at midnight, she woke up every hour. That SUCKED
Last night we had to let her cry it out after checking on her twice and nothing being wrong.
So draining being woken up from a deep sleep.


Megan said...

Ugh sorry dairy does that too you. Hopefully you can get the energy to exercise. I know for me if I don't exercise anymore I feel blah!

LisaL said...

Yeah it sucks but meh. We watched a documentary about farms and raw milk and how it's super beneficial to drink it and how sketchy shit back in the day that caused people to get sick is why raw milk gets a bad wrap now.
It's a pretty good movie to watch. It's called Farmageddon on netflix instant.

DH mentioned how one of his friends drinks raw milk all the time. *shrugs* May look in to it if we can find some.

Megan said...

I've had plenty of raw milk. It is a completely different taste than regular milk but I like it.

LisaL said...

Going to have to give it a try. Maybe go searching for some this weekend.
I've heard that it can help w/ eczema which would be great for Zoe.
We'll see what happens :)