Saturday, March 29, 2014

Any day now

Think I'm on cd16? now and nothin.
OPKs are still very very negative and yeah.... diddly squat is going on.

Why couldn't there be an easier way to determine ovulation. A built in OPK so to speak :P lol
Like a dot on our stomachs. It turns purple, you're ovulating or going to! WOO! :P
Or hell, like some primates...
Giant flaming red ass? It means you're fertile now so BD BD BD!
I'd be stuck with a regular ass while seeing women walking around with pretty red butts... ROFL


No puppy :( I think DH is this close to saying yes, but he's being stubborn and with how cute and how small the dog would stay, I'm sure it's going to be gone soon which I'm sure he's counting on lol.

Here's a photo of the pup I'm wanting...
They say it's a cocker spaniel/ dachshund mix

Whatever it is, it's 100% adorable!!

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