Sunday, March 23, 2014

Me time! WOO!

Zoe is with Dh and church and I'm home all alone and LOVING IT!!!
It's only for about 2 hrs but good lordy I need this ME time to just do whatever the hell I want.
To eat and go to the bathroom in peace.
I mostly try to get some tricky housework done though lol. Like doing water changes in aquariums. Something I can't do while Zoe is awake.
I need to do that though, they'll be home soon!

You really just don't appreciate your alone time until you rarely have it anymore *nodnod* Not that I would trade being a mommy for it or anything. I loves my little Zoe and can't wait to have another :)

Now to just get my body on board.

This weekend has not been good for diet. Family get togethers ALWAYS end up w/ bad food and that's how this weekend played out.
Saw my mom b/c she bought us a persimmon tree. She asked if we had eaten anything and that led to us going to a buffet.

I'm up 5lbs!!! I hate that my body gets derailed so damn easily :(
Anyway, going to try a mostly meat diet this week (basically low low carb) in hopes of dropping the extra weight and getting my body back on the weight loss train.

We have a concert in the middle of next week which means another night of bad food then. Would like to at least be back to what I was at.. 201 or better yet 200.

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