Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ok... you can go now

LOL, only day 2 and I'm ready for AF to be gone!
Feeling a little bloated and slightly ache so things aren't too bad, but it still sucks.
Not being able to sleep in whatever position you want, always worrying if you're leaking.

Tonight... I did leak and it's so damn embarassing.
We were at DH's parents house all afternoon. He wanted to go practice shooting at their land and dinner was a birthday celebration for his grandfather so I was stuck there.... w/ a heavy flow.

At the house, things were ok, but dinner time... that's when everything seemed to want to come out of me.
And of course, I felt that all too familiar to us all embarassing cool wetness where there shouldn't be any.
Yeah... I leaked.... it was ALMOST in a visible spot too which makes me even more embarrassed about it. SIGH!

Busted out one of the ginormous post delivery pads for tonight LOL. Not taking any chances dangit!
I only have 2 or 3 of them left though so I have to use them wisely!

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