Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Small victory today.. was back down to 200.8lbs :D WOO!
Took less time than expected to recover from the terrible cheat weekend thank goodness.

My body is still acting pretty wonky though.
Stuffy nose, headaches, constipation.... *shrugs* Who the hell knows what my body is doing.

Been thinking about what I'm going to ask/request from my ob/gyn.
Maybe an increase in metformin? And as for the clomid... I would have to ask for a dose of over 100 since I didn't respond to 100 before maybe?
Just afraid she's going to shoot down my requests. Maybe she's more willing to give out femara now than she was a few years ago.
SIGH..... April 10th needs to hurry up and get here. Never thought I'd be so eager to go to my annual LOL.

Welp, it's happened.... Zoe has eaten dog food. o_o
She enjoys playing with it and I know she has tasted it before but spit it back out. Not yesterday though. I heard her playing w/ some. Being the good mom that I am.. I ignored it.. :P lol
That is until I heard a crunch.
I didn't know what to think at first so didn't do anything. Just looked at her while she walked by.
Well, she walks back to the dog food, starts walking away and I hear another crunch.

And really... WHY are there toddler toys? I mean other than to waste our money on... there is NO point in them.
Because they seem to want to play with everything BUT their toys. At least that's how Zoe is.
The girl has toys ALL over the place and what does she go for? The non-toy items. Like an old magazine. or the plastic fork/spoon. Or the old pill bottle.
Really child?

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