Friday, February 28, 2014

What have I learned...

I've learned that cheating THAT much is going to cause my body to not take just 2 steps back, but a whole damn staircase back.
My weight has yet to get back to the 202 range. It's been staying around 205-204 which isn't bad but still not good.
AND I'm experiencing the hunger issue that happens near the beginning on clean eating again. That feeling of insatiable hunger so I feel like I'm not eating enough even though I'm eating everything.
AND I'm eating more carby things. Nothing bad thankfully, but too much fruit. My carbs per day still isn't huge or anything, but it's higher than I want it to be and what I think it needs to be for weight loss. Plus eating the fruit and such is making me crave sweets more.

And I can see a difference in my mid section too. Before the cheat, it was still large but to me didn't look or feel bloated.
Now.. it's both. It looks and def feels bloated and hard and BLEH.
Were those cheats delicious? Yes, yes they were, but man it isn't worth all of this mess. It isn't worth the 2 weeks it's going to take to get back to losing weight again :(

Not saying we're never ever going to cheat, but not like that.

Pretty sure Zoe is cutting another tooth. She's been really restless lately and waking up constantly. I am one tired momma!!
Doesn't help that the garage door is waking her up when DH goes to work so... that's another 30min to an hour of sleep that I was getting lost.

I dunno how parents can put their toddlers in to toddler beds right now. Zoe would NEVER sleep if she could get out of her bed any time she wanted.
That girl is staying in her crib for as long as possible *nodnod* Oh gawd, I would hate to see what her room would look like if she had free reign of it.
Thankfully for now she's not the best climber. Small things she's ok on but she's not good at climbing larger objects yet so no worry about her climbing out of her crib.

She's been good though. Her eczema is starting to come back a little on her arms. I swear, we get it under control on one part of her body and it pops up somewhere else. SO frustrating!!

She's learning so much and of course being a mommy, I worry if she's learning enough.
The worries really never do stop. If it's not one thing, it's a bajillion others.

And yeah, things in general are good. Feels like I'm forgetting something but oh well.

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