Friday, March 14, 2014

What's going on??

DH told me yesterday that his boss hadn't come in to work.
Today was her 40w official DD.
They tried inducing her but it failed. Not sure what they tried though.
The thing is, they tried inducing her b/c she has low amniotic fluid and her baby girl wasn't showing signs of growing.
Hearing that would freak me the F out.
Anyway, I hope she and her baby are ok. I'm sure they are, but I can imagine how freaked out she and everyone else in their lives were.

And I really hope the other girl that had to deliver early is ok and finally w/ her baby girl.

DH couldn't help but question WTH is going on though. Both pregnant, and both having something go wrong.

This crap isn't as uncommon as we're led to believe I guess.

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