Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Poor girl

Zoe ended up developing a mild fever. Gave her some ibuprofen and that seemed to help. She was a bit somber for a while but then perked up to her normal destructive self once she felt better and no more fever.
She must be teething.
She also had some horrendously gross sticky poops yesterday. She'll usually go once, maybe twice a day. Yesterday was 3 times. All of them were just nasty sticky gross poop that did NOT want to spray off her diapers. BLEH! Her poor little booty was so red from having to be wiped so dang much.

She is a trip though. Zippered PJs are a source of great amusement for her. I wouldn't care if she ran around half nekkid but it has been pretty chilly lately so undoing her PJs in a chilly house would be a good way for her to get really sick.
Didn't help matter when I put her in some velcro diapers. Yeah, those ended up coming off of her too :P
She would actually run and hide by the dining table to do it b/c she knew she wasn't supposed to. I'd tell her to come over (I could see her under the table) and she'd start giggling like crazy. It was so cute and somewhat frustrating :P heh
Oh and when she got the diaper off, she'd grab a napkin and act like she was wiping herself (all thanks to watching mommy and daddy use the bathroom...).
She's hilarious and I love her little butt so much.

Speaking of teeth though. She's TOTALLY going to need braces. I think she is def inheriting DH's families' teeth.
Thank goodness for the little bit of dental insurance we have. It's gonna come in handy down the road.

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