Friday, March 14, 2014


Af has finally arrived.
It's about time :D
Now to start wishing that she goes away :P hehe

Still saw that 200 weight this morning. WOOT :D
Keeping my FX that Monday's WI will be in the 100's!! Going to try to avoid the scale until then. All my luck though, I'll WI and see a higher number. SIGH

Diet is going well though, but I will admit that I hope we go somewhere extra bad tonight. It's probably PMS talking but I just want some bad for me food tonight!! A giant pizza, some Captain D's fish & hushpuppies, ice cream.... everything bad. I wants it!!!!
OH! We got coupons for an ice cream place too. We're SO going after dinner. Yes we are damnit and I'm getting me some cookies n cream ice cream *nodnod*

Zoe is taking a long ass nap right now. Put her down at around 9:30. She woke up a couple of times, but seems to have gone back to sleep and it's now 12:15.
Pfft whatever... sleep child, sleeeeeeeeeeep :P lol

I really need to clean the house.
Holy toddler terror.... it's like a tornado came through. I'm not exaggerating. It looks SO bad right now and attempts to keep it clean just results in it looking like this again.
Oh well.. no one ever comes over anyway so.. pfft. Whatever

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