Thursday, March 20, 2014

Inositol, jealousy and other junk

This crap better work!!
I've been taking it for a month now and haven't noticed any changes to my PCOS symptoms.
I know herbal crap can take a while to work, but I just have a feeling it isn't going to.

We'll see though.
I'm on cd7 of this cycle and my period is down to spotting. Should be gone completely by tomorrow.
7 day long periods SUUUUUUUUCK, but I'd happily suffer through them if I could just get them naturally b/c I ovulated 2 weeks before. That would be awesome.
Hear that body?? Are you listening?? Yeah, didn't think so.....

I'm totally experiencing some major jealousy towards women that ovulate. So, the majority of the fertile female population basically lol.
I just want the CHANCE to get pregnant. Is that too much to ask for?? I know ovulating and still not getting pregnant brings it's own plethora of frustrations too, but still... just to have the chance every month would be nice.

Zoe has got to be teething. She woke up SOOOOO much last night. After her waking up for the umpteenth time at around 1pm, I just couldn't take it anymore and let her cry it out. Think I woke back up a couple hours later to turn the monitor back on and all was silent thankfully with no more wake ups.
I think she starts waking up and for some reason her body just easily gets in to the habit of waking all through the night.
Crying it out unfortunately is the only thing that fixes it. She just seems to forget that she can get herself back to sleep. Wish there was some other way, b/c it does still make me feel a little guilty for doing it.

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Megan said...

Reagan has been waking up during the night as well as not wanting to go to bed. I can only let her cry it out for so long before I feel super guilty.