Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PMS? Yep

My body is in full PMS mode. Thankfully the emotions are under control, but I'm having some serious acne, headaches, and oily skin issues. Oh AND bloating.

Just took the last provera so... hopefully AF will arrive within the next couple of days. Get AF done and over with and start losing weight again damnit!!

Thankfully yesterday's WI wasn't UP, but it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if it was.

Tried raw milk for the first time yesterday.
Tasted like.... milk :P Maybe a slightly creamier tasting milk, but that's about it.
I'm not a big milk drinker anyway though so meh.

Diet is going well though. I am craving some junky food but it's not some all consuming thing. Just a passing "OOOO *insert junk food name* sounds good right now." And that's it.

Our next allowed cheat is on the 24th. Not sure what I want though. I'm debating between milk and cookies or cookies & cream ice cream. Both sound SO good. Ok... so Oreos isn't a passing craving, I've been wanting some for a while. MMMM oreos. Damn you chocolate cookie creamy centered circles of delicousness!!!

Zoe is good. She hasn't adjusted to spring forward. Think we're just going to have to keep her up until 7, since that's her real bedtime. It will be good for DH at least. He's been wanting to exercise again but before he'd only have about 30min to spend w/ Zoe before bedtime.
So it should all work out :)

She's a typical toddler though. Gets in to EVERYTHING and when you see those little memes or parents commenting how they don't fear the noise, they fear the SILENCE. They are NOT joking.
Zoe making noise... I know where she is and about what she's doing.
Zoe silent= she's in to something she isn't supposed to be in lol.

Her speech still isn't the best. I'm not TOO worried about that, but seeing all of these awesome talkers in my DD group... it worries me sometimes.
She tries her best though and definitely tries to say things.

And totally off topic..... I swear I keep getting quick whiffs of weed in the computer room. Neither of the windows are open so... yeah, not sure where this smell would be coming from.

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