Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep going!!

So I've gotten back in to the weighing myself obsessively thing.
I know it's not totally healthy, but it's keeping me motivated.

Well today I saw 200.4!!! OMG SOOOOO F-ing close to 100's!!
Just a little bit more!


One of DH's coworker's wife had their baby a few days ago. She was only 34w, but from the sounds of it, she developed preeclampsia  so they had to deliver their LO early by c-sec.
BUT the thing is, at the hospital they delivered at, they don't have a NICU or at least a good enough one to help a 34w old. So the baby was transferred to a different hospital (the one I delivered in).
BUT, their insurance is refusing to cover the transfer of the mother to the hospital b/c they don't deem it "medically necessary". So she is stuck at the other hospital until they release her while her husband and baby are at the other hospital.
WTF kind of messed up shit is that???
And I'm sure with all of her ramped up emotions to go along with this? UGH, I feel for them.
Other than that messed up crap, it sounds like baby and mom are ok.

DH's boss should be giving birth soon too. I think he said she's going to be 40w this week.
Exciting times for them :)

No AF yet. No spotting or anything actually.
Hopefully things will start today.

I did take a HPT and OPK.... you know me.. or any other POASaholic. Any or hell, even no excuse to test and we will :P lol
The first HPT, I didn't check on it until well after the time limit and there is def a faint something there.
So I took another along w/ an OPK and both look pretty negative. OPK has a line on it but that's normal for me, HPT looks BFN.
Wish wondfos weren't so hit or miss. You get what you pay for though.

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