Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good lordy

Zoe is in a BAD mood so far today! Think it's a mix of her being tired and just her starting to realize that maybe if she cries, she'll get what she wants. YEESH!

The spots around her eyes and nose seem to be clearing up a little. The ones that were on the corners of her eyes have faded. Just waiting for the rest to now.

Here's a photo of the other FRER I saved. Think this was the 2nd one I took. Just shows that you can see the area where the 2nd line is supposed to be VERY well

Took another Wondfo hpt and opk.
OPK still showing not much, but the hpt had a shadow line once again. It's nothing to get excited over. I just think this batch is full of faulty tests.

I think I'm starting to get maybe pains in the O area. They're in the right spot. Could be cysts too *shrugs*
Not sure if OPKs will pick up a surge if I have one since I'm drinking so much water and having to go every 10 minutes (seriously). Guess we'll see.
IF I did actually ovulate last cycle and this cycle is similar, then I could be Oing in the next few days. Will have to keep using OPKs and hope for the best.


Shari said...

Since this is our last baby, I have some ICs (both HPTs and OPKs) left. If you want them, I will mail them to you. You can either find me on FB or you can email me if you are interested (sharipruettathotmaildotcom)

LisaL said...

Woo! Thank you so much :D I'll send you a msg on FB :)