Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm so weak

I used another FRER. SIGH!

Took another wondfo, and there's a very very faint crap nothing line on it, but that was enough for me to use another FRER! lol
This FRER is also showing a faint nothing line

I popped open the first one to see if there was an indent that could be showing through and nope. No test line indent at all. ANd on the dull side you could kinda see the 2nd line a little better. Not enough to determine if it's a BFP line though.

Ok, I am definitely saving the last FRER for something more concrete! I can't justify spending a bunch of money on pregnancy tests any longer so I gotta get out of this obsession with peeing on sticks.

IF I did ovulate (which I'm thinking I didn't), then I'd be 11dpo which isn't normal for me since my LP is only 10 days... or at least it was pre-preg.

UGH I hate this obsessive feeling. Gonna go start on that baby blanket and watch some animal cops on youtube to try to take my mind off of this.

Oh and here's the 2nd FRER tweaked

pls tell me I'm not seeing things and that there is a faint 2nd line there. Not a BFP line, just a faint something.


Jess said...

I could see the line on the 1st FRER but not seeing much on this one dear, doesn't mean that there isn't anything there though. My faint positives I could always see easier when I took them out of the casing on the dull side as well. hoping this is your start to a sticky BFP!!!

Rian Eidson said...

I can see a line on both of them. Super, super light but there. Crossing my fingers for you!