Friday, August 23, 2013

Last HPT

At least the last one until ovulation has been confirmed. Think I have 18 left now hehe.
That's plenty if I use them sparingly when the TWW comes.... HA lol

OPK this morning looks.... meh. Kinda how they always do. Maybe a little darker. We'll see how one looks later.

I'm still getting aches in the right O area so really hoping it's a follicle growing :)


Hmm, ok so it's been a few minutes since I started this post, looked at my HPT and I swear there's a shadow on it.
Not sure if it's after the time limit though.... or well, it is, but maybe by only 5 or so minutes... so not that long.
Damnit.... looks like some of those 18 are gonna get used :P lol

I tried getting photos...
It's really hard to see so I tweaked as best I could (contrast & brightness). It's still really hard to see though

With the OPK so it's a bit easier to see where the shadow is. And then alone w/ no reference.

Not sure what to think right now. All of the HPTs before had a big load of nothing on them and then well..... here's this one coming along to make my heart skip a whole bunch of beats! GAH!
Damnit, and I was just over by walmart too.

Anyway... Went out this morning to get yarn. DH gave the ok for me to spend a little bit of money heh. We have like 400 to last us until next friday. It shouldn't be a problem b/c other than eating out tonight and maybe tomorrow for dinner, we don't go out.

Stopped by Michaels first to see what yarn they had on sale. Not much so headed to Joanns and I'm glad I did. They had a lot of great yarn on clearance for $1.97 (some were less than a dollar but all of those were sold out). I got a bunch of really good stuff including the color and softness I wanted for SiL's baby blanket :D WOO! Love me some good deals heh.

And finally, since it would be weird if I didn't post some Zoe photos since I posted pee stick ones...

MiL got her the cute little chair and Zoe decided the best use for it was to give us a heart attack. I was just out of frame while DH took the photo so I would've caught her if she fell :D

Typical kid, enjoying the wrapping paper and the box more than the actual presents heh

So, yeah, my morning has gotten a lot more interesting!

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