Thursday, August 15, 2013

Again and again

Poor Zoe's little private area just can not escape getting a rash and/or thrush!
She's been a little constipated and yesterday, well, that cleared up with a giant nasty wet poop. She usually fusses when she's pooed so we'll check and see, but she didn't with this one. maybe b/c there wasn't a giant turd she was sitting on, so I have no idea when she did it.
I cleaned her up really well though. There was a spot of red down there, but nothing major.
DH gave her a bath (I'll get to that in a min), and she was fussing which she usually doesn't do during bathtime so I asked him what was wrong and he said her stuff was red and inflamed.
Figured it was maybe just a little red, nothing major, that is until I saw him changing her after. Poor girl can not get a break! Or well, her breaks are very short.
Thankfully this morning most of it has cleared up though.
Gosh, I really hope she outgrows all of this. Would hate for her to have chronic problems like this when she's older.

But on to the bath thing. I could've smacked DH last night.
So we give Zoe a bath every other day. Yesterday was a bath day and I had said to DH that I would give her a bath, which I had fully intended to do.
She gets pretty messy during the day and she usually goes right to bed after a bath so figured I would just wait until a little before bedtime to give it to her.
DH's guy's night plan fell through so since he was going to be home, I had to fix us dinner (AND something else for his lunch the next day I might add), so what do I think..... DH can just give her a bath while I cook dinner.
Well DH threw me a look like I just asked him to rob a damn bank when I told him to give Zoe a bath. That "Are you kidding me?" look. And yeah, he did say "Are you kidding me??"
And yes, I TOLD him to give her a bath b/c dinner wasn't about to fix itself and the dishes sure as hell weren't going to magically get clean either.
Spending an hour and a half with his daughter before she goes to bed, even if some of that time is spent giving her a bath isn't too much to fucking ask is it? Geezus.
I love my DH to pieces and he's a great guy but MAN does he have his asshole moments.


Anywho.... I'm TOTALLY getting my hopes up way too much. Still don't know if I ovulated, but I can't help but get my hopes up that I did.
I won't be too devastated if I didn't or if AF shows though. It will still suck balls though.

I headed over to tww forums to the peestick section.
It's fun to obsess with some, but man, I REALLY wish some of the 'supporters' didn't cry out BFPBFPBFPOMGCONGRATS when the test posted is VERY questionable. I see so many tests where it does look like something is there (maybe), BUT it's a cheapy test and there's no obvious color to it. I think all of us who have ever been a POASaholic know better than to scream and celebrate over that. You just have to be so cautious at first.
Just upsetting that these blind supporters are giving women false hope.

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Jess said...

Poor Zoe! Could your try giving her yogurt every day or look for a safe ppro biotic that might help with the thrush!