Monday, August 26, 2013

Poor Zoe!

UGH, the spots have spread a little and some have gotten little white heads on them. They don't seem to bother her, but it looks so bad.
If it is worse by tomorrow I'm gonna take her in to her doc.

Oh here's one of those FRERs I took. It's all dried now but it's showing the mystery bastard line a little better. Wanted to get a photo of it to show that I'm not crazy and really was seeing something :P lol
It looks like an indent now.

Oh well.

Today is official day 1 of juicing and I already screwed up LOL.
Was feeding Zoe some yogurt and I licked the spoon out of habit. It was only a little bit of yogurt so not a big deal, but still. Gotta remember not to do that next time.
This morning's juice was pretty good. You're supposed to do a fruitier juice in the morning. The sweeter ones are def better *nodnod* lol

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Anonymous said...

What the heck! That looks pink there!