Monday, August 19, 2013


Zoe is sleeping so I have a few to waste.

Poor girl is still constipated. Not sure why other than no formula. Didn't think that would cause this though.
She had nothing yesterday and squeezed out some pellets a little while ago. Her belly looks so big b/c of bloating.
We got her some juice to hopefully help move things, but the one from yesterday didn't seem to do anything. Will have to give her another today.
She LOVES the juice though. We just stuck a straw in the little container and she drank it all in a minute flat. Girl loves her food....
OH I forgot, there was one food she didn't like.
It's this pulled pork BBQ at a fast food place called Rush's. It uses the Carolina BBQ sauce, the mustard based stuff. She's not a fan of it.
DH tried giving her some and she spit it out. Then his aunt tried giving her some and she spit it out again.
That's been the only thing so far.

OH and we're good on peanut butter with her, thank goodness! DH gave her some on a cracker a few days ago and she loved it. Gave her more last night and she tore it up!

Oh I hear her awake.....

Really quick...
I'm still having SOME mild constipation. I only went once yesterday, but went at my usual time today. We'll see if things are normal today.
Other symptoms, really nothing. Could say maybe some twinges and things down around the uterus, BUT that could easily be gas and whatnot from the digestive issues.
Just wish there was something that would tell me if I did ovulate already or not.

OPKs and HPTs are negative. Taking hpts reminds me of how line-o-vision I get. I can see the 2nd line, or more like, I THINK I can see where the 2nd line should be. It happens with pretty much any test.
I guess when you've been taking them for so long and taking SO many of them, it's habit for your eyes to go to the right spot.

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