Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One more

Ok, one more mean post lol.
I love my cousin to death. She's such a funny person and has 3 beautiful smart children.
BUT...... this is totally mean.... she has the worst taste in kids clothes! lol
She keeps liking children's clothes sites and UGH. Every single one of them looks like clown clothes for kids. They're SO ugly and poofy with frills and polka dots and just ugly. Polka dots aren't bad, but with the colors on some of these clothes, and the styles.... BLEH.

I feel terrible even saying it and thinking it but I had to. Every day I log on and she has liked some other kind of ugly outfit and I just hope that she's not actually dressing her kids in anything like it :P

Not saying I have the best taste in the world though. I'm sure ppl look at what Zoe is wearing and question my taste heh.

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