Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Zoe is constipated. She'll go once a day, but her normal schedule is 2-3 times. Not sure what's going on there since we haven't changed her diet. I mean other than no formula, nothing else has changed.

Doesn't seem to bother her too much though. Funny seeing her pause and get that straining poo face though lol.

In other toilet news... I woke up to pee SOOOOOOOOOO many times last night. I got up at least 6x to pee.... and these were full blown streams too. I knew I was bloated, but not that much. SHEESH.
I'm still feeling bloated so, there's still more in there that needs to come on out already.

Wish it could be 10 days from now already. While that one OPK was probably just a fluke test, I'm still hoping it wasn't and that we caught the egg.
I have been having some right O area twinges. I was having them before the OPK.
It could be anything though, but keeping my FX that my body did decide to O in a timely manner.

While the waiting does suck, thankfully having my day filled with Zoe keeps me distracted :)
She is becoming quite the willful handful though. Hoping it's a phase that goes quickly (although I'm sure it doesn't).
She is throwing mini tantrums when we wont give her something or we take something away from her. If she's laying down and that happens, she'll actually kick her legs out. Most other times she'll start crying and fussing up a storm and will do this head down thing. It's pretty cute but it does get tiring. Girl better get used to being told "No" though and not getting her way. *nodnod*

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Shari said...

Oh the tantrums are so much fun! I swear Athena throws a bigger fit (tears and all) when she doesn't get her way, then when she actually falls and skins her knees. I call her my drama

Fx'd you O'd and caught the egg!!!!!!!!