Sunday, September 1, 2013


OMG baby clothes are so damn addictive to buy!!! They must spray them all with cocaine so when we brush against one it released it in to the air and we can't help but come back for more! lol

We went to Toys R Us yesterday to spend the gift card friends gave to us for Zoe's birthday.
We bought her this adorable stuffed turtle rocker, BUT the thing is a piece of CRAP.
It was a Mamas & Papas rocker. Stuffed bug turtle thing. Frickin $80 for basically a stuffed riding toy. The music box thing in it was CRAP where the wires were either not connected or a jiggle away from disconnected (which they did), and the wood rocker part is no more than cheap plywood that was already split. So yeah, we'll be taking that back.

Anyway, back to the clothes. They're having a GREAT sale right now on their clearance stuff. It's 50% off on the clearance price! WOO!
We bought Zoe some larger shoes but mostly bought my soon to be here nephew some baby clothes. :D
There was this cute sweater dress thing I would've loved to have gotten Zoe, but it wasn't clearance and no matter how cute it was, I couldn't justify spending $15 on it. Oh well.

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Jess said...

Random...have you tested again? :-)