Thursday, August 22, 2013


Nothing still on HPTs or OPKs for that matter.
So unless I did O, and there's an egg implanting at this very moment..... I think I'm still waiting to actually ovulate.
I'm cool with that, although admittedly a little disappointed.

I should have plenty of OPKs left even though I've been going through them like crazy these last few days. Just hope I do actually ovulate.
Still not sure WTH my body is doing w/ this bloating and what not.
Think I may have a cyst or something on my right O. It ached whenever I was on my stomach favoring that side. Maybe it's an egg maturing. I can hope :)


UGH I still feel bad for saying my cousin has bad taste in kid's clothes. She really is a great person. She has so much charisma (unlike yours truly) and is just one of those types of people you want to be friends with. I just can't say enough great things about her b/c it will never do her justice *nodnod*

Enough of my guilt though....

Seems like Zoe is discovering something new to do every day. Yesterday she started pointing at herself, then would point or put her hand on me and would keep doing it. She was babbling so not sure what she was doing but in her little brain, she was making sense heh.

Have I mentioned brushing her teeth?? Of course she enjoys the flavored safe toothpaste we use, but she wants to hold the toothbrush and will do that "AAAAH" sound while she moves the toothbrush in her mouth. She isn't exactly doing it right but it really tickled us pink to see her do it like 2 days after we actually started brushing her teeth (this was maybe a month ago? when we started).

On a not so positive Zoe note..... I'm not sure if she even went to sleep during her 2nd nap time. She started fussing around 3pm though when she usually wakes up from it so I went to get her.
Usually, she's smiley, but not yesterday. She wasn't having any of it and fussed until bedtime at 6. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH
I was counting down the seconds until DH got home, and of course, he was late! LOL
She either didn't sleep very long so woke up grumpy or didn't sleep at all which means sleepy and grumpy either way.
She better take a nap today *nodnod*

AND looks like her butt is breaking out AGAIN. I've been giving her yogurt every day but it's not helping. Seems as though her constipation has cleared though. Just gotta cream up her butt to keep the thrush, rash, whatever it is from spreading.


Jess said...

poor zoe! have you tried a different brand of diaper? glad her constipation cleared up though!

LisaL said...

We cloth diaper so... yeah. Her little butt has broken out the few times we've used disposables too. She just has super sensitive skin. If we don't change her within 20mins of her pooping, her butt breaks out the majority of the time.