Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Taking OPK and HPT and a whole lot of nothing to report. My eyes start to cross b/c I stare at the HPTs so hard trying to will that 2nd line to pop up lol.
My OPKs are really light now too. I always get a line on OPKs but the lines I'm getting now are lighter than usual. Not sure what that means if anything.

If I did O, then I could be 9dpo today. Maybe my body will surprise me and I'll suddenly get a positive OPK and actually know for once. Well, whatever happens happens I guess. Sigh. I do not enjoy this part of TTC. The waiting SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

Also, this mild constipation thing is still going on. It's like every other day will be normal, and then the one in between will be nothing going on.
Pretty sure whatever is causing it is also causing my weight to go up up up. I haven't been eating junk and my weight has gone up by 3lbs since the last time I took it (sometime last week). I can tell my stomach is a bit bloated b/c I can't suck in at all lol.

Zoe has figured out how to shake her head. She sometimes uses it if she's upset, but most of the time it seems she'll do it when she's just being silly or dancing.

I can't wait for her to talk though. I know she gets so frustrated when she wants something but we don't understand.

She's been saying Momamamamamama, but not towards me. SIGH! Every time she says it, and I say MAMA! To her, she says Dada! lol. Guess that's become our little game :P

Ranting! Come on now.... would it be my blog if there wasn't some kind of rant? :P Sigh... It's the only place I can so... yeah.

I'm SOOOOOO sick and tired of DH's aunt's husband's facebook posts. I'm on FB more often now b/c of my DD group and my TWW group moving there. So what does that mean? I see all of the bullshit some other people post and it's getting on my damn nerves!!
He's the type that if he sees something clever INSTA-PUTITONFACEBOOK.... which is fine... whatever.
But some of the shit he reposts..... redneck bullshit cringeworthy shit.
He posts A LOT of religious stuff. Which whatever, he's religious, that's fine.
But some of it comes off, actually no, doesn't even come off as... it is blatantly "My religion is better than these other ones" shit.
Just ignorant horse shit that Southerners are stereotyped in to believing and well, he isn't helping matters.



Enough of that....
So, I do still plan on trying screen printing... eventually. Money is a little tight ATM from Zoe's party so, it's not gonna happen any time soon.

Speaking of things I want to spend money on heh...

Going to crochet SiL a tardis blanket for her new LO. :D BUT that's gotta wait too. I don't have the right kind of yarn and need to buy some. Thankfully yarn isn't too expensive, but I'm still gonna wait until we have a little more money.

I want to buy FRER SO bad, but again, not a lot of money. If I see something on a wondfo, I'll go out and buy some, but until then, nope.

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