Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've added a new page to the right that I'll be updating hopefully regularly about my experience with juicing.
No, not THAT kind of juicing..... juicing as in veggies and fruits and all of that :P heh

I'm going to try my hand at juice fasting. UGH lol
I'm desperate though. I seem to do well at maintaining my weight but the weight I'm maintaining isn't exactly healthy LOL

Going to take it a week at a time. First few days (days 3-5 is what I read) are supposed to be pretty bad so.... yeah, FX that I don't cave and eat something.
There will probably be a lot of bitching around then so be warned!

Something has broken out on Zoe's face. Not sure what it is. It doesn't seem to bother her.

It's red bumps on the corner of her eyes and her nose. I think I know what it is.
 perioral dermatits
Pretty certain that is what it is. I'll take her to her doc if it gets worse, but I'm sure we'll be told the same thing.
Read that you're not supposed to put lotion on the face though. Hopefully Whatever is on her cheeks doesn't flare up and get worse..... although lotioning didn't seem to help that either. SIGH

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Good luck with juicing!! I know a couple ladies doing it right now, and they've had good results!