Friday, August 16, 2013

Stay away!

Me that is, I need to stay away from the TWW site!!
Pfft, I won't, but I really should. It keeps getting my hopes up and I get that all too familiar obsessive feeling.

So to get some of it out.... here we go...

I'm a little constipated (not in normal person term but in ME term). That is not normal for me. Hell, with my digestive issues, I go multiple times a day whether if I like it or not.
My usual time is about an hour after I wake up, middle of the day, and then sometimes before bed.
I haven't gone at all today and b/c of that, I'm pretty gassy and bloated. And the thing is, I've eaten some foods that should've gotten things moving.
So yeah, there's that.

Now it could be because of the no #2, but I've been feeling some twinges and things down there in hopefully uterusville. But as I said, it could easily be digestive stuff that I was feeling.

And yeah, that's about it lol.
IF I did even ovulate, I'd only be maybe 3-5dpo, so really earl, so even if we did have a chance then this all could just be normal post-O stuff for me. Something I'm not familiar with.

Anyway... so yeah... not much to obsess over but I do it anyway when Zoe is sleeping lol.
I am still taking OPKs at least twice a day and nothing on them. They've gotten lighter since that dark test. That's not saying much though. On a long anov or long O cycle, they're all voer the place. No where near being a + but lighter, slighter darker, slightly lighter, etc etc.

Zoe, gosh, she is developing so fast.
She can say banana. Or the 1yo equivalent of it heh. It comes out as "anana" So cute. She loves her bananas :D
And she keeps saying "Ee-duh" Frickin DH's aunt keeps thinking she's trying to say Lisa. PISSES me the hell off when she (the aunt) starts trying to get Zoe to say "Lisa, Lisa, Lisa".... no, I'm fucking MAMA and Zoe is NOT trying to say Lisa. But of course, I can't scream that in to her face and snatch my baby away. I'll have to be happy with the drama playing out in my head :P

Zoe still doesn't say Mama though. Well, she has, but not towards me. Whenever we try to get her to say it, she'll smile and say Dada. She thinks it's a game now b/c we always laugh when she does it. It's adorable so I'm ok with no Mama just yet. She'll get there eventually :)

Can't remember if I mentioned this, but we've been trying to get her to say Yoda LOL. That's about the time she started saying Ee-duh so we think that's her version of Yoda and she's adopted it for other things now.
Oh well, making her a nerd one word at a time :D 

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