Sunday, August 18, 2013


Our baby chewed on her crib rail. DH went to check on her b/c she started fussing after we put her down for the night and saw that she had started chewing on the front rail of her crib. She managed to chew off the paint. WTF??
Apparently this is a problem though b/c there are crib protector things you can buy. Got one on amazon for 20. It's just for the front rail. Hopefully she doesn't figure out she can chew on the side ones b/c those are 20 as well. SHEESH.
Seriously though... WTF?? Why does no one warn you about these things??
Your child is going to be cranky while they teeth, not sleep etc etc. Oh and once they get some teeth, they're gonna become a beaver and start gnawing on that wood crib. O_O

Crazy babies!

Speaking of crazy, I started HPTs LOL

IF I did ovulate, then I'm what, only 6dpo at the most :P heh
I have 40 IC wondfos though so... yeah, they're burning a hole in my pocket so to speak.

If if If...... I hate that word... well, when it comes to my fertility and ovulating. IF I ovulated..... why can't it just be... IF we caught the egg b/c I KNOW I ovulated. Although I'm sure that If has to suck just as much when you've been trying for a while. We'll see what happens though.

I'm really getting tired of MiL and DH's aunt making comments about Zoe. Just little digs at us. Like DH's aunt trying to get Zoe to call me Lisa. WTF bitch?? DH told her to stop though when she started up with it today.
And of course they want to feed her whenever they see her. That's fine, but don't start talking under your breath (but still loud enough that we can hear it) about how inappropiate some of the things we give her are.
I'm not talking about junk food or anything, I mean some things that might be a bit too hard for her to eat. DH gave her some of his Chinese food.
All of it was pretty soft but of course they (MiL and his aunt) had to loud whisper to eachother how some of it was too hard and blahblah. Excuse me, but who is with her all week long feeding her?? Yeah, WE are, not THEM. We know what she can and can't handle.
And MiL, UGH..... she means well but I just want to shake her sometimes.
Whenever Zoe eats, if Zoe coughs even a little, MiL FREAKS the hell out and practically yells out that she's choking. Yeah, she does this in the middle of restaurants so of course everyone around us whips their head around to see if our baby is choking which she isn't.
We've told her AND SiL has told her numerous times, if she is coughing, she isn't choking. It's those moments when you don't hear anything and see them trying to gag something up.... THAT is choking and lord those moments are scary. Coughing... no.

Anyway, minor things that I'll have to learn how to deal with b/c I know they're never going to end.

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