Thursday, January 31, 2013

Score 1 for me!

Went out this morning to buy some more yarn (have quite the collection now but could always use more, MUAHAHAHA), and after purchasing that.... I thought "I really want a biscuit!"
I was headed down the road to go get me one (or 2), and right before the turn, I said NO.
Oh, I still want that biscuit and I'm sure in the future, I'll give in and get it, but not today... not today!

Weighed myself this morning and of couse I'm back up. I just need to stop weighing myself. There's no point in it other than pissing myself off even more.

Alrighty, gotta go eat some breakfast before Zoe wakes back up.

OH she was SO cute last night. Slept all night on her side. Her head was kinda whipped back in what looked like a very uncomfortable position, but she stayed like that until she woke at 4:30. And eating, she rolled back to that position and went back to sleep lol.

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lisabttc said...

Great job on turning down the temptation! It's rough! I hope things start moving in the right direction! FX