Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh geeze

Haven't posted in a while! For some reason, I thought I did but looks like it has been almost a week. Woops...

It's not like anything significant is going on though.

Zoe's sleep has gotten a little better. She'll sometimes sttn, but other nights she'll do her new routine of waking.
Still trying to delay feeding her for as long as possible. Hopefully she'll eventually stop wanting to eat at night.

She finished up her last prepared banana concoction last night. She is such a great eater. Opens that little mouth up, ready to gobble up some food heh.
I think since we started feeding her solids, she's gained a pound from it. She is still a slightly skinny baby, but not as much as she was before. She's gotten some baby fat going on and while it tires momma out carrying her, it's frackin adorable! hehe

DH is in the kitchen making her some more. We're gonna try her on avocado next. It's gonna be her first non-sweet solid food. Hopefully she likes it. Can't have her wanting nothing but sweet stuff.
Gave her a little taste of it after it was done and she seemed to like it. We'll see.

My body is still all sorts of screwed. No weight loss. Actually no, I was down 2lbs, FINALLY, and then right back up the next day. WTF?
I know, water weight and blahblahblah, but still... WTF?
Just so hating my body atm.

No +opk or anything. Getting annoyed, but can't say I'm too surprised.
*shrugs* I just need to learn to be patient with my body I guess (yeah right).

Zoe has been SO noisy lately lol. She is just loving all of the different sounds she can make now. It's so funny and cute listening to her.
Today, her thing was to do mini baby shrieks. They weren't too loud but I expect them to be soon enough.
She is so stinkin cute! Love her so much :)

And think that's about it.
Here is video of her laughing. Please excuse my seeming heavy breathing. It's just me trying to quiet laugh :P

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