Sunday, January 20, 2013

So much for that...

Yeah no sttn last night and I doubt she will tonight.
Oh well.
Just gotta suck it up and deal with it *nodnod*

It does make me feel like I'm biting off a bit more than I can chew when it comes to wanting to try again so soon though.
Feeling SO tired all the time, it's really making me 2nd guess it.
A part of me does want to try again right away, but then another part wants to wait. Not that taking care of Zoe will get any easier though.
We'll see what happens. Have to get my body working first *grumble*

Speaking of that, still no weight loss.
SiL (brother's wife) came over yesterday w/ my brother.
She's on a very similar diet except she's more carb restrictive. She's lost 13 lbs so far. That's 13lbs in less than a month which is amazing!
I'm SO happy for her. Just wish I could join in on the weight loss train though.... SIGH.
DH is looking a lot thinner now too. I can always tell when he's losing weight because he doesn't snore as much at night.

Think I'm going to eliminate dairy.... or at least a good chunk of it.
I've been craving cheese a lot lately for some reason, but gonna give it up for a while to see if it helps.
Not sure what else I could do (other then exercise) that will help. Yeah.... exercise.... been thinking about that. And while I haven't had the energy to walk in the mornings like I wanted w/ Zoe's new sleeping habits... I may just do some other stuff around the house. Of course gonna have to do it all either with her right there, or while she's sleeping though.

Oh I think Zoe is starting to get wary of strangers. Not even stranger strangers either.
When my bro and his wife visited... Zoe cried whenever she looked at my brother. It was HILARIOUS, but yikes. He couldn't even smile at her or she would burst in to tears.
She eventually got used to him being there, but she would not take her eyes off of him the entire time.

MiL and FiL came over today, and she was almost like that with them. She sees them almost weekly and you could tell that she was debating if she liked them or not lol. She eventually did warm up to them, but it took a while and a lot of playing on MiL's part.

I finally figured out how to crochet! WOOOO! I dunno, it just kinda hit me and I finally got it. *shrugs*
I'm not great at it or anything. My crochets are WAY too tight most of the time so I always have to backtrack to loosen things up, but still and newb and learning :)
Making my very first amigurumi doll. I'll post a photo of it when I'm done :)

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