Friday, January 11, 2013

Dang girl

Stay asleep!!!
She woke up about 40mins after being put to bed for the night and didn't go back to sleep until almost an hour later.

THEN she woke up at 11:40. Again at 4, then finally woke woke at 5am. I fed her then and she just played in her crib until she fell asleep I think lol.

I dunno WTH is going on with her sleeping right now but it sucks balls.

Oh and poor girl seemed to have had a nightmare yesterday during one of her naps.
She was in her Rock N Play and suddenly her breathing changed and she started making little sounds in her sleep. Then she actually cried for about 2 seconds...still totally asleep. My poor baby :(
But WTH does a 5m old dream about?

Noo they haven't fed me yet! NOOOOOO


Not sure if we're going to the zoo. Still a maybe. DH is watching some kind of conspiracy crap that his friend let him borrow *BIG eyeroll*
So we'll see what he wants to do after it's over.

So far so good on the no bleeding front. That is encouraging that eating better is at least doing something positive for my body.

I think I'm going to start walking in the morning with Zoe. Change her, feed her etc, and then go out for a walk around the neighborhood for 30 or so minutes.
I like the idea, but we'll see if it actually gets done hehe.


Mlove said...

Did you read that there has been a recall on some of the Rock N Plays?

Shari said...

Athena didn't start getting a pretty predictable sleep schedule until she was closer to the 1 year mark. She still has her moments where she is up quite a few times in the middle of the night, but it is more predictable now. It will eventually happen, but babies love throwing curve balls at their moms! :)

LisaL said...

Yeah, I've seen the recall. It's b/c of some possible mold problem.
I've looked at ours and there doesn't seem to be anything funky growing. Plus that area never gets wet since we use a boppy headrest thing under her in it so if she does leak, it all goes on to that thing and not the RnP.

Mlove said...

That's good! :)