Monday, January 28, 2013

Bleh, gag, blarg!

If DD could've made those sounds, she would've when trying avocado lol.
She was not having it! She hate maybe 2 small spoonful of it and wouldn't open up for anymore lol.
Granted it does have a kind of slight bitter taste to it.
So we're gonna mix it with some carrots.
Did that after she stopped crying (lol) and she ate that.
The carrots are really good though. They're organic and I dunno, just taste AMAZING and sweet.
DH steamed them and added the steaming liquid when pureeing. I had a little and it's really good.
BUT he couldn't get all of the chunks out of it so we're going to have to strain it and then give it to her. Oh well. Only takes a couple of minutes.

So yeah.... avocado alone... a big NO.

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