Thursday, January 17, 2013

Before bed

Wanted to post some before bed...

Zoe is def finding her voice. First time tonight that she did some small baby yells. Cracked DH and I up.
I remember when SiL's girl started this. She was VERY loud in public hehe.
Not sure if Zoe will be that bold and vocal heh.

Nothing really going on though. Starting to get cold again here. YAY! But cold weather brought rain with it, booo. I don't really mind rain, but it does suck for our dogs that have to go out in it to pee/poo.

Weight loss.... pffft... I should just stop weighing myself. It's tortue :(

Anyway... some photos

Filthy bib. Most of them end up looking like this half way through the day heh

We're getting more use out of her swing now. She's hating her Rock N Play for some reason but enjoys the swing now.

Cute Harajukku outfit from Target that was bought on clearance. Seriously, that's the only reason to ever buy one of these overpriced outfits... b/c it's on clearance.
While this outfit is cute and it's supposed to be 6m... Zoe is too big for it. The shirt is too short, and the overalls just a tad too small.
Plus the overalls are frickin annoying. See the buttons on the front holding the straps? Those are real buttons as in put the button through a hole.
SOOOOOOOO bad trying to take them off and put them back on all day long on a squirming baby.

And finally.... our first child claiming the boppy as his own.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, so cute! That's funny about her noises! I wonder what she will sound like as time goes on! :-D

And hang in there, girl. I hope the weight loss starts picking up. It's really tough! *hugs*